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Ready to Write Your Book?

You believe it’s time you captured your message or your experiences in a book. Maybe you’re seeking better positioning for yourself or your organization. Or maybe you are thinking about your legacy, marking out a path others can follow to enjoy success like yours and learn from the challenges you’ve faced. Or maybe you have a story in you that others have been asking you to write.


Three Essentials

No matter what has led you to decide to write, three things are deal-breakers as you consider a ghostwriter.

• You want a well-written book you can be proud of.
• You want your message told in your own voice, your own way.
• You want your book project to fit with the responsibilities and time challenges that already stretch you.

Maureen Rank is Ready!

• With experience creating nearly twenty-five books, she knows how to quickly discover and capture a unique and marketable message.
• Co-authors from business leaders to country singers have found her text to be true to their own voice.
• Because she’s led an organization and been a Fortune 500 executive, Maureen understands your time challenges, and can flex to your availability.                                                                                          .

About Maureen Rank

Maureen Rank knows how to write a book, in her own voice or someone else’s, with equal skill. As the author or co-author of more than twenty-five books, she’s produced quality work for large publishers, independent presses, and authors who chose to self-publish. Topics have ranged from leadership, business and motivation, to self-help, family and children, and spiritual growth — even travel. She also brings personal experience in business leadership. As a nationally-recognized executive director of a professional association for psychologists, she demonstrated a unique knack for strategic focus, and energizing a volunteer workforce to drive change. As an executive in a Fortune 90, she created senior-level leadership training and organizational and culture change resources during a tumultuous period of growth for the company. This unusual professional path has fit her well to listen to senior leaders for clarity, probe for nuance, and write what she hears with skill. One co-author said, “Maureen understood my message better than I understood it myself.”