Co-author Russ Johnston, whose first book sold over 100,000 copies, generated two sequels and was published in three languages:

Maureen knew how to translate my oral style into a compelling piece of writing. And, the finished product was my language instead of hers. People told me, “When I read your book, I can hear you speaking.”


 Co-author Annie Chapman, entertainer and conference speaker: 

Several years ago my husband Steve and I were asked to write a book on marriage. We made attempts but every effort was met with few words and many frustrations. Finally, our publisher contacted Maureen Rank and asked her to help us do what we could not do for ourselves. The following year a book, with Maureen at the helm, was published. That book has helped untold thousands of people. She not only co-authored a number of books with us, but she taught us to write in our own voice. We learned the craft of book writing from one of the best.


Co-author Peter Boelens, Founder and Executive Director of Luke Society, a health-care outreach to the poor, whose two books helped expand his organization from a small state agency to a global concern:

For a young physician and his family, the delta of Mississippi presented some almost insurmountable challenges medically (one of the highest infant mortality rates in the USA), socially (racial polarization) and economically (endemic poverty). Maureen Rank, without a healthcare background, had the gifting enabling her to visualize these challenges through the eyes of a physician while adding her own insightful observations. Through her unique turn of phrase, she engaged the reader making Delta Doctor a book that continues to be read. In my experience, Maureen Rank is a co-author par excellence.