Three Essentials

No matter what has led you to decide to write, three things are deal-breakers as you consider a ghostwriter.

• You want a well-written book you can be proud of.
• You want your message told in your own voice, your own way.
• You want your book project to fit with the responsibilities and time challenges that already stretch you.

Ready to Write Your Book?

You believe it’s time you captured your message or your experiences in a book. Maybe you’re seeking better positioning for yourself or your company. Maybe you want to increase your employees’ alignment to the culture you’re out to build. Or maybe you are thinking about your legacy, marking out a path others can follow to enjoy success like yours and learn from the challenges you’ve faced.

Maureen Rank is Ready!

• With experience creating nearly twenty books, she knows how to quickly discover and capture a unique and marketable message.
• Co-authors from business leaders to country singers have found her text to be true to their own voice.
• Because she’s led an organization and worked as a Fortune 500 executive herself, Maureen understands your time challenges, and can flex to your availability. She’ll treat your time as respectfully as she treats her own.

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